We’re doing World Book Night again. You have until January 23rd to apply to be a Giver. Get on it and put us down for your bookstore.

World Book Night Givers

World Book Night is this Monday, April 23rd, and for the first time the US is on board. (It’s only in its second year so don’t freak out if you’ve never heard about it before.)

Across the planet in several countries, individuals will be giving out free books to people who may not already be so into books for one reason or another. 

Bookstores and libraries are acting as the hubs for getting the books to the people (publishers, distributors and writers are helping with specially printed free copies) and we thought we’d try and help out and see what happens.

We had 3 people signed up to pick up at our store and we asked them what their plans were for Monday night:

Elizabeth will be giving out copies of Friday Night Lights:

"I’m going to the corner of 36th and Roland Ave, in front of the Royal Farms in Hampden. There’s a lot of good foot traffic there in the early evening…people coming from the bus, people going out to dinner."

Charlotte will be giving out copies of Zeitoun:

"I live in Pigtown and I’m going to take half my books to Paul’s Place, which is a community center. There’s a women’s group that meets there and we’re going to meet back up later and have a book club. And then I’m going to pass out the rest of the books on my own block.”

Julia will be giving out copies of The Stand (and that’s one of our Reading Club picks for this year):

"My plan for distributing the book is to give copies to people on public transportation - the MARC train, light rail and bus - who are either engrossed in another form of media (game on a phone or portable gaming device). My hope is that they’ll be curious about why they were just handed a book and will at least read the first page, which is really all you need with ‘The Stand’!"

We’ll check back with them to hear about how the giving went!

World Book Night 2012

Want to participate in a million book giveaway on April 23, 2012 as part of World Book Night? Sign up here. Atomic Books will be a pick up point.

Here is the list of books. More info to come!